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Casa S-Low uses its own patented "Bio Construction Modular Timber and Rammed Earth System" no. PAT08-00002344-2013

company's mission

The Casa S_Low mission is to offer architectural services to build healthy and sustainable buildings implementing the Bio construction S-Low System. We also offer other systems that renew traditional construction using sustainable, natural and healthy materials. We aim to achieve a quality contemporary design that is economical to build for private owners, companies and sensitive institutions towards the environment and people´s health.

Sandra Martin-Lara


Architect ETSAV. UPC


Specialized in rammed earth and Bio construction


She is specialized in rammed earth construction with a vast experience in both design and building construction. Her professional activity has focused on cooperation and architectural projects, as well as refurbishment and landscape design. She has worked in various local architecture and urban design practices, such as dataAE as project architect in sustainable, architecture and landscape projects.

Àngel Estévez


Architect ETSAV. UPC


PhD Student Specialized in Wood and Bio construction


Has worked for seven years at Pich-Aguilera Architects that are specialized in Sustainable and Industrialised Architecture as well as developing his own projects. Since 2006 he is studying his PhD related to energy and environmental research in architecture, and has presented his dissertation project “Wood as a sustainable construction material”.




Llorenç Ramos, Ignasi Bailon,

Loren Carreras. Engineer

Ergio renovables

Lluís Arias, Lluís Anglés.

Green facilities technicians

Cetar Empordà

Mariana Mas. Architect




Tall Fusta (Fupicsa)

Laboraori de materials EPSEB (UPC)

Vivers la Vinya