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Casa S-Low uses its own patented "Bio Construction Modular Timber and Rammed Earth System" no. PAT08-00002344-2013

research and development

We have recently built a prototype with different mud walls and wood framework in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona (EPSEB-UPC). It has been built following our research that leads us to develop our Bio construction Modular S_Low System. The prototype is 3x3x3,5m and showcases the dimensions of the modular system. It is located between the Architecture and Building Engineering Schools in Barcelona.

research and development

Explore the potential of the Bio construction S_Low system in situations of shortage of construction materials. For instance in developing countries or without skilled work force, as well as being a possibility for supervised self-construction. The module has been built with the directions of the Casa S_Low team and the help of the Grupo Cetar, by a team of students without any previous construction knowledge. This will enable to evaluate the possibility of supervised self-construction.

research and development


Explore and evaluate different mud wall compositions and its thermal performance. Each mud wall has been made with different compositions, insulation and stabilizing agent. Temperature and humidity monitoring systems have been placed, providing thermal and humidity data. Certify the construction and environmental features of the system by obtaining an Ecolabel. The Casa S_Low will apply for a type III product environmental declaration, which is the most rigorous of its type, with the construction data and the Life Cycle analysis obtained from the research.

research and development

For the building of the prototype, the Casa S_Low team has had the contribution of the companies of ecological products that work with us: Urbanarbolismo y Vivers La Vinya, Bioklima Nature and Tall-Fusta. The research is part of the Laboratory Materials of EPSEB; with the support of Marina Mas of Grupo Cetar and the architect Fabio Gatti, as well as a team of students that will use the prototype for various research programmes.